Christmas 2009

Christmas morning is always such a magical time for kids. With a house filled with laughter, piles of presents and wrapping paper all over the floor, I think many parents live for Christmas as much as the kids do.

This year, I tried to do a little project where I documented the presents that some of the kids in my extended family got.

To achieve the color and the look of the images, I shot the images on Fuji film. In this digital age, I still love the look and color of film.

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Portrait of a Bride
Garden of Lanterns
Shadow and Light
A Wedding in Hong Kong

Gosh it sure has been awhile since I've updated the blog. A busy travel schedule in December has kept me out of the office and to share all the fun shoots we had in December, here are a few shots from the wedding in Hong Kong.

The wedding of Sumei and Ern was an emotional church ceremony followed by an intimate dinner. There was a ton of details to come in my later post.

The part of the wedding I enjoyed the most was the post wedding shoot in the streets of Hong Kong.

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Jenny + Leo in San Francisco

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege of shooting Jenny and Leo's beautiful intimate wedding in San Francisco. The light was beautiful and clean thanks to the rain the day before. Thanks for having me there guys!

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A Sunday Afternoon in the Park

I just love shooting family portraits because it's always such a positive and uplifting experience documenting a family while they enjoy some time in a park. With laughter filling the air, warm sunshine creating a hazy glow, it's these time which we all want to hold onto forever.

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A Shoot in Lijiang China

Gosh, it has been awhile since I've posted on this blog. The last few weeks has just been packed with travel. I had the privilege of shooting a beautiful 10th wedding anniversary in Lijiang China.

Lijiang, know to most of us as the mythical Shangri La, was a beautiful place for a shoot, with snow capped mountains, historical old towns and people steeped in tradition.

Here are just a few of my favorite pics from the shoot

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Details of Our Beautiful Wedding in London

In May, this year, we shot a beautiful wedding in London for Yuwen and Andrew. The combination of warm summer light, carefully planned details and a fun filled reception made the wedding simply a joy to photograph. One of our favorite wedding sites, Wedding Chicks, has run a feature on this wedding. For all the juicy details check out the story here

A Recent E session

A couple of weeks ago, we shot Jenny and Leo's engagement shoot around the Legion of Honor and Nob Hill. The fog filtered light gave a beautiful soft dreamy feel to the pics.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the shoot to share. Check back real soon for the full wedding coming up in November.

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A Dog's Day by the Beach

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege of spending an afternoon by the beach photographing John and Kellie and their two really huge Great Danes Loki and Odin. The fog was creating some beautiful light and the dogs just went crazy a the chance to be by the beach. It was a magical summer afternoon romping on the sand! It always so much fun to shoot dog portraits.

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Brian + Brinda's Wedding I

A week ago, we shot Brinda and Brinda's wedding in Oklahoma. It was a beautiful ceremony, with plenty of emotions, a touching Sikh ceremony, and a party where everyone was on the dance floor. Here's a small sample of the pics from their wedding.

For more pics check out our facebook page at and feel free to leave comments.

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An Afternoon with the Davidsons II
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An Afternoon with the Davidsons

Several days ago, I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with the Davidsons to capture an afternoon in the life of a loving family. I was hoping to depart from the more traditional approach to family portraiture.

My goal was to document the day as their kids would remember it. Endless days of blowing bubbles by the pool, cycling down the driveway, playing in the park, chips and salsa in the hammock.

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